Here is the official picture. Charm is wearing our green string! It came just in time for my birthday last week. Yup, I turned 30 last Friday. I wasn’t thrilled about turning 30, it just seems so old. I know in reality it isn’t old, but it sounds a lot older than 25. Most of my friends are in their 30s already, so I am the newest (younger) addition.

Now that Level 3 is accomplished, I have this great feeling and weight lifted off my shoulders. I really seemed to borderline obsess over these “goals” and I have been so frustrated over the past year about my lack of time at the barn. Obviously I have obligations, but when I had these goals to meet (in my head) I really beat myself up for the lack of time and quality of the things we were doing. Even though the things we were doing were good!

All that to say, that spending time with Charm last weekend was SO relaxing! We were able to play outside and take our time. I soaked up some sun and she grazed on the new little blades of grass emerging. I didn’t feel rushed or under pressure. I am excited for this pattern to continue, especially through the rest of the pregnancy since I will be taking it easy. Just online and liberty for me, and I don’t mind focusing on that one bit!

Doesn’t she look relaxed in the picture above? She’s starting to come in for attention and scratches more often and I like it! By they way.. Amelia took this picture, thanks Amelia! By the way.. there I am 6 months pregnant. You really can’t see my belly too well, but it’s there, trust me.


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