My Favorite Photos: Split Rock Lighthouse

This was a fun trip we took in September of 2009. My husband and I along with some good friends of ours traveled to Northern Wisconsin as well as Northern Minnesota for a weekend of camping, hiking and photography. One of our excursions brought us to Split Rock Lighthouse along the shores of Lake Superior. The weather that whole weekend was horrible; It was rainy and cool. By the time we made it to the lighthouse, the cloudy skies broke a bit and gave us some nice soft light and I was able to get some good shots of the lighthouse. Of course, the crashing waves add a dramatic effect as well. This was a really cool place to visit, I highly recommend it!

Camera: Nikon D90


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Photos: Split Rock Lighthouse

  1. Really great picture, the whole thing has a swirling feel to it. Between the water, the crashing wave, and the slant of the hillside there are so many places to get lost in the composition. Great job!

    • Thank you! I remember being really pleased with this shot as soon as it was taken. It was one of those that you see on the camera and you know you “got it”. It was interesting trying to time the waves.. patience wins!

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