My Favorite Photos: The Stavkirke

(please click picture for a better view)

A must see while visiting Washington Island, WI, The Stavkirke (Church of Staves) was completed in 1995 and was modeled after one built in Borgund, Norway in 1150 AD. It is absolutely gorgeous in person. There isn’t a bad angle to look at. Those are dragons at the top jutting out from the sides of the peaks and there are carvings and little detailsΒ  everywhere you look. Even on the inside, The Stavkirke causes you to pause in awe. Lighter wood blankets the inside with it’s giant rafters, alter and pews.

This photo was taken in June of 2011 on a dreary, rainy day. But! I was pleased to see these lovely bearded iris in full bloom as they definitely brightened up the shot.

Camera: Nikon D90
ISO: 200


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