Good, Better, Best!

After much patience, hard work, learning and spent energy Charm and I have officially passed Level 3 of the Parelli program!

I got the “Congratulations! You Passed!” email this morning and was thrilled. For this last section of Level three (Liberty), I didn’t feel it was our best representation.. but, due to the circumstances as they are I am glad to be done before my pregnant butt is literally waddling around the paddock.

We scored a L3+, not the best, but not bad either. I’m not complaining. After all, Liberty has been our weakest area. Which I plan to change. I really want to get good at liberty, and I want Charm to enjoy it with me. We have made several advancements over the past month and I plan for that to continue. Since I am not riding anymore until after the baby is born, I feel this is a perfect time to focus on Online and Liberty play and really get particular and bump up the quality.

It would be fun to go for Level 4 someday. Probably not this year! We’ll see what the future holds for us.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to display my new green string on my saddle. I hope it arrives in the mail soon!

Thanks to everyone who has talked things through with me and coached me through this Level 3 journey over the past year. Also, for spending time taping my auditions and dealing with my annoying perfectionist tendencies. You know who you are! 😀


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