How many days until spring?

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I think the winter blues have gotten to me a little bit. We’re experiencing the strangest winter. It’s been consistently mild which is not the norm for Wisconsin in January and now February. I guess when I say mild, It means the highs are in the low to mid 30s and sometimes low 40s for a really warm day. Usually the highs are in the 20s this time of year. So although it seems like weather we experience in March, it’s still too cold and sometimes windy to go for a walk, and too wet to play outside (I’m keeping little Wyatt in mind here). We also haven’t gotten any significant snow. So all the winter activities have been on hold.

No xc-skiing. No sledding. No snowmen.

Yes, I’m feeling stir crazy and like I’m a shut-in.

It has been fabulous weather for horse play, but I only get out the barn once per week, if that. So I feel like that’s also been lacking.

So to counteract this yucky time of year, I’ve went out to by myself a Vitamin D supplement. I hope it helps.

What else? Well, I have some potentially new liberty progression. I have gotten some insight from a friend that struggles with the same type of things with it comes to liberty. She recently had a major change in her horse because of some changes she made to her approach and way of going about it. Lucky for me, she clued me in and now I’m dabbling.

So far, the results have been good. As in, I’m seeing a change in Charm after just two short sessions. I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “How many days until spring?

  1. Ahhh yeah that has to be hard to get out when you have to keep your little one in mind. I am very grateful to not be feeling too cabin fevery.

    Great to hear about your progress with Charm.. I was wondering how you two were doing. : )

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