Bah Humbug.

I feel kinda like the Grinch this year.

I’m not in the mood for Christmas and I am lacking motivation to do anything that would put me in the Christmas spirit. Christmas cookies? No thanks. Christmas shopping? *Shudder* Wrapping presents? I’d rather stab my eyes out with a spoon.

I think a little snow would help. All this dark wet, windy and cold weather is getting to me. I want ski and build a snowman with Wyatt.

I do have the tree up and decorated. It looks nice and Wyatt is being very responsible around the tree. We have it tied to the wall incase something crazy were to happen. But Wyatt has two ornaments he’s allowed to play with and when he’s done with them tries to put them back on the tree.

We have a few Christmas parties this weekend and then all the traditional family gatherings next weekend.

I think he best part about it all is that I have the entire week between Christmas and New Years off. I am planning to relax, hang out with Wyatt and hopefully make it out to visit Charm a few times too. I’d like to try taping the final stage to earn my Level 3 during that week. Charm and my liberty has progressed a lot since earlier this fall, I am sure we’re ready to get it out of the way and “exhale”!


4 thoughts on “Bah Humbug.

  1. I love wrapping presents! You want me to come over and wrap them for you just say the word and I’m there!
    I’m actually enjoying the lack of snow. As long as snow will come eventually I am quite content, skiing would be nice though.

    • Adam doesn’t mind wrapping presents. So he and I plan do get them done this week. But thanks for offering the help!

      I just want to ski. I’m sick of being stuck inside! I’ll be ready for the snow when it comes.

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