Growing like a Weed

My little man is running around everywhere now and mischief is is middle name! Actually, he’s a sweet and happy little boy.

He likes to open any door he can find and then close it. Sometimes he removes the objects from inside the door first and then closes the door.. only to put the objects back inside. Rinse. Repeat.

He babbles. He has his own little language that we pretend to understand.

He probably thinks we’re idiots.

I’ll translate: Wyatt says “Badi go bo bo di gatha gido??” Which probably means: “Mother, can you please fetch my sippy cup? I’m a bit thirsty.”

To which I reply “Really? And then what?”

Wyatt says “Soodoo magi cakana ni ni.” Which probably means: “My diaper is soiled and needs to be replaced.”

To which I reply “Ga ga no no di di? haha! I wish I knew what he was saying!”

But he’s happy. So I’m not too worried. Sometimes a few actual words slip in there and surprise us. Yesterday his favorite word was “necklace.”

He likes to blow bubbles when you ask him to, and can click with his mouth.

He’s very good at stacking blocks and will pay close attention to grip the block in the most efficient and careful way.

He’ll stoop down to look inside a vent and study how things go together.

He’s very curious of the world around him. This also includes people. He loves people and will often go to anyone who is willing to give him love and attention. He’s not shy.

He’s also soft spoken and has a soft little voice that I don’t mind listening to all day. Even when he cries, it’s not a squeal or a scream. I don’t like listening to him cry (especially when it wakes me up at 2:30am) but I’ve heard way worse.

He’s nearing 17 months now. Not a baby anymore. I’m growing excited for him to experience snow in the next few months and also Christmas. I think he’s going to love it!


5 thoughts on “Growing like a Weed

  1. He’s so amazing, like the rest of his family.

    It’s nice that you write these experiences down. In a few years they will be neat to look back on.

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