Amelia & Rebel

I had my first mini, impromptu photo shoot today!

Meet Amelia and her handsome Arabian gelding, Rebel.

I’m planning to start taking pictures of people with their horses.. I hope this turns into a regular thing πŸ™‚

Feedback is welcome! What do you all think?


6 thoughts on “Amelia & Rebel

  1. I think they are awesome and I am one lucky duck to have gotten to be your first photo shoot! If I were a customer I would be very very happy and satisfied with your work.

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  3. Well done, Heidi! The horse looks engaged, which would be the difficult part of the photo shoot. You played with the camera settings and used diffused natural light rather than a flash and that’s worked. I think a bit stronger contrast (darker shadows) might be another effect you might try too. Great start!

    • Thanks! I try to avoid using a flash if at all possible.

      I’ll have to mess around with the contrast. In a few of the photos I had it higher and it did cause the pictures to have more depth.. but then I ended up loosing some detail as a result. I think the trick will be finding the balance.

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