Are these for real? Before you click.. can you guess where you can purchase them? Ahahahahahahhahaha!!!


6 thoughts on “Seriously?

      • I’m caught in the middle of fashion and function. It’s like being between a hard place and a rock. Function wins most of the time. I like when the functional can be fashionable.

        Those reviews did make me a little sad though. I thought someone would mention more of what the pants are actually for. Nope, just fashion fashion fashion, such false advertising. It would be like wearing hunting gear and never hunting. These pants don’t look like a great choice for riding though….I thought they would be nice for advertising ones interest in equines, they kinda burst my bubble on that though…and they WOULD be silly to wear riding…they’re kind of pointless…rambling ends now ^^>

        I hope you get riding pants, that would be awesome! I’d love to know how you like them.

  1. And you now what else is popular? Real Ariat cowboy boots!! Women are just wearing them because they look cool. That really doesn’t bother me, I just think it’s funny.

    I wouldn’t mind getting riding pants someday… but I’d probably get these bootcut/flare ones (black leather, chocolate fabric):

    They even make some for the winter.. lined with fleece and weather proof on the outside!

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