I have been learning a lot lately now that I’ve been practicing for my Liberty Audition (my final step to get my Level 3).

As I have expressed on this blog before, I have been very frustrated with my horsemanship for a little while now. Most of it all comes down to the lack of time that I have… and it seems to tie into a lot of my hangups.

Not that we don’t have a lot of good things going on, but of course I want to get better and achieve a higher level in my horsemanship.

I often feel very rushed since I don’t have a lot of time. So with that, I often skip over a lot of things just to get going and I think it’s compromised Charm and my relationship in the process. Not that I am being in any way abusive to her, but I really don’t take into account where she’s at when I yank her out of the pasture once a week.

Time. I don’t have time to spend sitting with her in the field until she seems ready to go in. I don’t have a lot of time to let her graze and feel comfortable. I don’t have time to sit and wait for her to lick and chew over a task that we just finished.

For me it’s go, go go! Come on! We only have another 45 minutes, have to make it count!

I know this can seem really silly.. does it all really matter? She’s an animal.. I’m surely reading too much into this psychology stuff.

Maybe I am sometimes. I try not to get so wrapped up into it to the point, where I stop doing EVERYTHING and look for every ear flick and sigh. But I try to notice when those things happen and go with the flow. Yes I can pull her out of the pasture, put a saddle on her and go ride for a few hours, no problem! I don’t have to worry that she’ll blow up, that she’s going to take off with me. But in my point of view, that’s going for a leisurely ride.. I know we are always leaning, but this isn’t teaching time. It’s just riding and enjoying what we have accomplished. It’s nice to be to this point!

BUT. When it’s time to teach, time to learn together and figure things out. I believe I should be waiting until she’s in a learning frame of mind before I do anything. (duh.. see what I mean)

She will offer close range circling.. even in a larger arena, but only when she's ready to.

Liberty has really opened my eyes to this. After all, we all know the truth is unveiled when the halter and ropes are gone!

This is my struggle. Does she really want to be with me? Or is she just being obedient?

The past few short sessions have really made me take a step back and re-evaluate what the heck I am doing.

There are some major holes in our liberty and my puzzle is to try to figure out how it should all go together.

My challenge is that I have a horse who is rather independent and doesn’t need to be with me for her comfort. So that makes this liberty stuff tricky. An ounce too much of pressure and she’ll leave me and it will take a bit for her to come back.

So what is the catch? How do I fix this hole in my horsemanship?

TIME (grr)

Back to the basics – build the relationship.

Go slow and wait.


4 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. Oh boy I know what you mean about feeling rushed(for me nervous too).
    The only way I deal with it is not going out to do anything with Rebel when I feel that way, even if it takes 3 weeks. Sometimes that doesn’t happen and you waork with him when you have/need/make yourself to. I wait till I can focus on us and not the time. But then I have constant access to Rebel and that is a really long time to go. I can tell though that Rebel and I haven’t forgotten our stuff. For me it let’s me really soak in the last lesson I had and I think it does the same for Rebel. Also helps me form a plan.

    You are going to develop so much with Liberty I think.

    You can play with velcro Rebel anytime if you want to πŸ˜‰

    You have a good plan! You will get there, before you know it too I bet!

    • Thanks Amelia. I like one point that you made, about how they don’t forget. When I was in the hospital and unable to spend any time with her she hadn’t forgot anything once we did. And sometimes it even gets better! I just don’t think I could stay away from the barn for that long… and we are just riding for fun more these days anyway and I know that she enjoys that.

      Playing with velcro Rebel would be a blast! Of course, I’d probably end up getting jealous.. πŸ˜‰

  2. Ray Hunt always said you should throw away the shiney metal thing around your wrist. It is your biggest obstacle. He said you should engrave the word “THINK” on your horn cap too. Someday, I might just do that! You will get it…:)

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