Bright Eyes

How can I resist this face?

Yes. He usually gets whatever he wants.

Wyatt is 15 months now and is such a fun little baby boy. Right now he’s playing in his pack n play and has thrown all his toys out, taken off his pants and is throwing himself around and laughing. I had to trap him for a bit since he’s found the button for the surge protector that my computer is plugged into. One click and my computer goes black. Yes it happened once. As those frosty blue eyes looked up at me from under my desk, he was proud of himself – that he was able to click the button without my help. How could I be mad? He’s a boy. He’s curious. He’s an explorer! I just told him no, and redirected his focus (and then hid the magic button with hopes that it doesn’t happen again).

Wyatt is starting to walk now. But it’s only on his terms and not on command.. ever. He’s taken about 6 steps before he kneels on the ground to pick something up or zoom off to explore some more. I know it won’t be long and he’ll probably skip walking all together and just start running. Oy.

He’s a really fun little guy. He loves books. He will want me to read and read to him throughout the day and will usually stop exploring to read. I have been trying to have the TV turned off throughout the summer. And when I’m home during the day it’s not on at all. I’d rather he was distracted by a book or toy than the crummy TV.


3 thoughts on “Bright Eyes

    • Heck! I have that problem now! Sometimes it takes two of us to buckle him in the car. Changing his diaper isn’t easy either.. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a game show and that I should get a prize!

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