Sunrise Ride

Jackie and I met bright and early for a 10 mile ride over the weekend. We got the barn at 6:30 loaded up and hauled over to the Ahnapee Trail and were riding by about 7:30. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning. There weren’t any bugs and the horses were enjoying themselves.

Fall is definitely in the air. This is the best time of year!


9 thoughts on “Sunrise Ride

    • Just Photoshop. I am using my crappy point and shoot camera that doesn’t take the best or crisp pictures. So I spice things up in Photoshop.

      I really like how the top one turned out. I was thinking it would make a unique canvas print. I’m looking for the right picture to print into a canvas to hang on the wall.

      BTW… I will hopefully be an owner of a nice DSLR camera (like my dad’s) in the near future.. so once that happens, I’ll be taking MANY more pictures of Wyatt etc. The point and shoot that I have takes awful pictures in low lighting .. it’s hard to get anything to look nice. Very frustrating!

  1. I just saw and add for a Samsung NX series camera. They are the size of a point and shoot but you can change out the lenses. So cool! I love the quality of the DSLR but not the bulk personally.

    Maybe Rebel and I could trail ride to a trail ride sometime! Maybe something will come up around here….

    Oh if you and Jackie ever feel like taking a small hike to go to a new trail ride park Neshota Park in Denmark is a nice place. πŸ˜‰

    • I know what camera I want to get, and I will be getting it used. I don’t mind the bulk.. I plan to potentially start taking pictures of people and their horses.. Or just of their horses. I’ve always wanted to but never had the camera power to get the job done. It will be a good way to make extra cash to put toward clinics etc.

      All of those pics would make cool canvas prints.. It’s hard to decide!

      • Also it would be great it you and Reb could join us for a ride sometime this fall. I’ll let you know it we ever end up making it south. Most of the time we just make plans last minute and not ahead of time.

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