My First Show (Check that one off the list!)

I did it! I participated in a show last Sunday.

It was at Creekview .. yes a real show.. with lots of real show people 😐 But all was well because I had an old pro carry me through all of my insecurities. Willie is amazing and he is amazing at showmanship! After practicing 1 1/2 times the week before, we took home a 3rd and 5th place! Not bad! I was entered into 3 classes; Novice, 18 -35yrs, and Open. By the time the Open class came, I was not really nervous, just a little jittery from the adrenaline.

Jackie taught me everything before hand and coached me throughout the classes (THANK YOU!) It was really fun! She also helped me not look like a total dork by letting me borrow her boots, hat and cute little neck tie thing.

THEN Jackie took Willie for all the riding stuff the rest of the day and came home with a handful of ribbons and a couple first place trophies!! It was nice to go there for the morning and have the experience, and it’s fun to get out and people/horse watch.. there’s always some crazies!!!!

So thank you Jackie and Willie! It was a good boost of confidence and something to check off the bucket list.


5 thoughts on “My First Show (Check that one off the list!)

    • Charm has too much white to clean!! πŸ˜‰ Plus Willie would kick her butt (He’s that good).

      I’d rather do trail riding competitions with Charm, those are getting popular and there are a few in Wisconsin. Maybe I’ll go for one of those next year…

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