Freestyle’s on Deck

Here’s my freestyle audition. It’s all ready to go, I just need to send in the fee, link…       and wait.

As I watch it, I see all the different mistakes and things I should have our shouldn’t have done. But I have to keep in mind that after only riding once a week (twice if I’m lucky) it’s actually pretty darn good for bridleless riding.

I have to thank Jackie and Sofie for taping me… and listening to my analysis over and over.

Perfection just needs to go away sometimes.

AND!!.. I’m planning to check one of my goals off this weekend. Jackie is allowing me to show her gelding Willie this weekend. We will be doing Showmanship. He’s a star .. no worries about him. I just have to calm my nerves and go out and do it! And I need to find some dress pants……


4 thoughts on “Freestyle’s on Deck

  1. What are you auditioning for? It is clear from the video what a good partnership you share with Charm. Also, it implies how many many many hours you’ve put in with her. I’m really proud of you both!

    xxx, Aunt Mary

    • Thanks! It’s been many hours and years! But I am proud of what we’ve accomplished too 🙂

      This is the second of three videos to earn my Level 3 rating from Parelli. They call it an audition because after showing a few specific tasks, you show them what you can do all under 10 minutes. It allows you to be more creative, rather than just checking off all the tasks one by one. The next video will be liberty, which I will start practicing in the next week. Then, if this and Liberty pass, I’ll be an official L4 student 😀

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