Cow Clinic: Day 1

Day one went great. Charm settled in nicely and was for the most part really relaxed about life. There were some spooky parts in the arena that she wasn’t too sure of, but got over it by mid day.

Dave had us start with ground work and he drilled in our heads how important it was to be particular with our horses. He wanted us to throw out the level 1 and 2 techniques that some of us are still using and refine and expect more from our horses while we do even less. Since everyone in the clinic is in level 3 or higher, he could expect it of us.

I learned some really neat patterns that both give my horse the responsibility to obey and for me to also be a leader and manage her feet. Very cool.

After lunch we mounted up and rode for the afternoon. We did tons of transitions, impulsion exercises, indirect and direct rein turns and backing. Backing is where we seem to struggle. Sometimes shes very smooth and matches my energy, and others it’s like I’m backing her through 3 feet of mud. At one point she started to rear a little.. I then got after her and she decided my idea was a better one. I could tell she was tired and maybe it was more of a “I don’t wana” attitude.

So that was day one. It was lots of fun for sure! This year Dave said he was going to up the ante a bit. So we were messing around with the stuff he usually introduces on day 3 of his horsemanship clinic today. He also mentioned that we will probably start with the cattle tomorrow afternoon. I hope so.. I was as much time with the cattle as possible 🙂

Good night, 6am is going to come quick!


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