Summer’s in Full Swing

It’s been so HOT around here lately it’s hard to get motivated to do anything! Even at the barn.. usually the lake breeze cools us down, but not this year. Oh well, I’ll be wishing for days like these come the middle of February.

So, I finally taped my Freestyle audition, but because of camera malfunctions and lack of planning on my part, it ran two minutes too long. But it was a really good practice anyway and I got some advice from my friend and Parelli Professional: Fran Latane (check out her website here.. I had the pleasure of designing it for her!) She gave me a few suggestions that should help us score more in the Level 4 end of things, which would be wonderful πŸ™‚ So now that I have a solid plan, I just have to get out there and tape it once and for all. Then it will be on to Liberty.. then hopefully the green string (“precious”) will be mine.. I mean ours, it’s Charm’s just as much as mine. πŸ˜‰ If you’d like to see the Freestyle *practice* run click here.

Although my focus has been these auditions for the past few months, my attention has now shifted to something that is definitely sneaking up on me at a gallop… DAVE ELLIS! It’s only 2 weeks away from this Thursday (Aug 11-14) I’ll be riding in the Cow Camp clinic again for four days! The first two days will be spent preparing for the cattle and the last two will be a hoot with plenty of fun with the cows. Check out the pictures from last year here. Horse friends! You’re more than welcome to audit the clinic.. let me know if you’d like details. I believe it’s $30 a day “at the door”.

Otherwise things are going well. My garden has exploded with too many flowers to count. It’s exceptionally beautiful this summer. The veggie garden is also in full swing. I have branches of tomatoes ripening and the peas and beans are growing, flowering and being eaten. There’s nothing like fresh veggies. YUMMM

Wyatt is doing really well. We are in the process of transitioning to whole milk and weaning off of the bottle. He’s starting to say a few words now.. “Clock”, “Light”, “Bath” and “Yard” are his favorites so far. He’s such a cute kid.


5 thoughts on “Summer’s in Full Swing

  1. Bummer you can’t use it! Oh well, the gate still looks amazing and so does everything else…let me know if you need me to shoot it again…although, maybe I caused your camera difficulties!!! Going to Laura’s this weekend, but otherwise, I am free after Monday! Have a great week!

    • Oh it wasn’t your fault at all Jackie! I just should have thought ahead and had my iPod there to use as a stopwatch. But it’s okay! I was out briefly on Friday night, Adam was going to tape me, but Charm’s feet were sore from being trimmed. I hope they recover soon 😦 It would be ideal to have this finished before the Cow Clinic… we shall see…

      • Rub some bleach or iodine on her feet. That will toughen them up by drying them out a bit. That happened to the Coopster too. It took a good week or so for him to turn around. Good Luck! I wanna come watch for a day or 2 at Dave Ellis!

  2. Wow that was a great video I loved when you stood on Charm’s back, wasn’t expecting that! And holy buckets do I have a lot to learn. Bring it on, cause I got Heidi! : )

    I hope Charm’s feet feel better soon. Still planning on ACTHA this year?

    I’m going to have to think about auditing too, that would be great to watch.

    • No ACTHA this year 😦 I want to, but it just didn’t work out .. (don’t have any extra cash at the moment) But there’s always next year!

      You should audit the clinic! Saturday or Sunday would be the best days.. that’s when we’ll be doin’ the cow stuff.

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