Running the Beach on Washington Island

Every girl’s dream right??

Check out that round canter!!! ❤ Go Charmer!!

Sofie and I recently took a trip to Washington Island with the horses. We crossed the ferry and enjoyed trail riding on the island for three days.

We had an absolutely AMAZING time. The weather wasn’t the best, but we made the most of it. The campground is set up for horses and was very accommodating.

Through this trip, I fell in love with Washington Island. It’s still preserved and not as touristy as the rest of Door County. The roads are quiet, lined with ferns and wildflowers. I would love to make this a place I frequent.

Yellow Lady's Slipper


Indian Paintbrush (notice the little spider in his web too!)

Rocks on School House Beach

Luna Moths getting romantic! For those of you who know me well, you know how excited I was to see these two!

The male is on the left with the thicker antenna.

Sofie and Bella enjoying the tree covered road.

The Stavkirke (Norwegian Church)


4 thoughts on “Running the Beach on Washington Island

  1. Riding on the beach is sure a dream of mine too and I love the pic of you can Charm cantering down the beach.

    That looks like a seriously awesome time! Great pictures, so glad you shared!

  2. I could stare at the rock picture all day. Something about it just screams “ORDER IN THE CHAOS!” which is what I crave. Don’t get me wrong… Chaos is something I’ve prayed to be at peace with, mainly because I’d be insane if I hung on to my control tendencies. BUT a little tower of stones… neatly stacked… among a beach of many… brings me quiet pause. And the number of stones? Quite significant this week. Who knew a picture could elicit such strong emotions? It’s like you took that picture just for me… What a gal!

    • I TOTALLY had you in mind when I took it Kari! Well, maybe the Lord did anyway.. I’m glad that it means something special to you. It gives me a peaceful feeling too.. I’m not sure why, I really haven’t thought about it until now. All one-bazillion of those stones on the beach were super smooth.. the kind of stone that you’d hold and run your fingers over for comfort. I couldn’t help but stack them and make a tower (or two).

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