Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!!

Wyatt celebrated his first birthday yesterday! He spent the day with Grandpa and enjoyed a visit to the Wildlife Sanctuary. I know he’s not feeling the best because his other top tooth is coming in, so I’m sure it’s slightly uncomfortable.

Over the weekend we had a real birthday party with cake, presents and lots of food! It was a really fun time and Wyatt enjoyed smashing his cupcake all over himself. What fun!!

We also stopped up at the hospital to visit all of our wonderful Nurses and Doctors that helped us last year. They were pleased to see how well Wyatt was doing and how ginormous he is!


2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!!

  1. I LOVE how you stopped that the hospital! I remember always wondering…still do sometimes about those special cases. I always think the best, but confirmation is always better! Love the cupcake(s). He is such a beautiful child and looks like he has such a vibrant personality…hmmm…wonder where he gets that from!? Toss up of both of you, I would assume!

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