The Quest For Thinness *Revived*

Ok, ok, I know I talk the talk, but I haven’t been walkin’ it.

I intended to do the Thirty Day Shred and to maintain my exercise schedule, but in the end, I haven’t really been the best at it. I think all of this dreary weather has me somewhat down in the dumps and because of it, I’m lacking motivation.

But there’s a solution!! Today is day #1 of a 30 day Detox that Adam and I started together. It goes like this. There’s a diet plan and the first 10 days you eat a vegetarian diet, except there is no dairy, sugar or bread/pasta allowed. I know, it sounds crazy. Then, after 10 days you can add some fish and cheese, and after another week you can add turkey or chicken. You are supposed to drink a protein shake while doing this and take these fiber pills. But we are just doing the shake. The pills are not in our budget at the moment.

You’re also suppose to exercise everyday too. The goal is to create a healthier eating habits and also lose a few pounds in the process. I’ve always done well when I’m consciously eating well. I feel motivated to exercise. This morning Fiona and I walked before work and I plan to finally make it to my weightlifting class tonight.

So I plan to update this journey each week. Only 29 more days to go!

PS.. I’m not going to drink any coffee for the first 10 days.. so far, no headache today.


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