This one I’m proud of : )

So taping my online audition didn’t go as well the first time around. It was good, but I personally didn’t feel it showed what Charm and I can do when we’re “on” and I didn’t want to submit something that was just okay. So I re-taped it all by myself and I am a lot happier with how this version turned out. I will be submitting this in the next few days!

So here it is! It’s not perfect, but it’s us just having fun and playing!

One little flub I had .. when I pressed record on the camera I unknowingly bumped it to the left causing the pedestal to be cut out of the picture. DOH! Anyway, then I just added the extra clip at the end. I hope they don’t mind…


6 thoughts on “This one I’m proud of : )

    • Parelli calls it an audition now, but it’s basically testing for my level 3 status. This is the online part. I’ll still need to do a liberty and freestyle (riding) video. there are a few tasks have to show to qualify for that level and the rest is just showing what we can do. So the tasks for this one included circles with transitions, weave the cones, back by the tail, use the pedestal and trailer loading.

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