Yup. It’s still January.

It’s been two hours and Wyatt is still napping. These are the moments where I try to work as quickly as possible since every minute is precious. He could now wake up at any moment.

He’s had a little cold for the past couple days but he seems to be in good spirits. I am giving him albuteroll treatments via inhaler every 4 hours and just trying to be proactive. He’s wheezing a little, but nothing too bad. We’re watching it close and I called the Doctor’s office just to check in.. they said if he gets worse to bring him in and they’d probably prescribe a steroid.

Other than that, life is going on as usual. Working, trying to stay warm, trying not to eat everything in sight.. *sigh*. I’m doing well in the Quest for Thinness area.. somehow I managed to loose 3# in December and keep it off. Maybe that’s why I’m cold.

I think the Winter Blues have hit me lately. Just in the past few days I’ve been thinking about spring and all the bulbs that I planted in the fall that will be blooming. I’m excited to see my new little garden grow and evolve. This year, I would like my veggie garden to center around Wyatt. We’ve recently started feeding him real food! Yes, he’s getting big (16# 26in)!

My goal is to make all his food myself.. well at least the veggies.

So far I’ve only made carrots. After they were steamed and spent some time in the food processor, I froze them into ice cube trays. It’s easy to grab what you need and go. They’ll last 3 months in the freezer! So I am going to spend some time to make other things like squash, peas, and sweet potato. I figure we’ll save money and I like knowing that it’s just carrots.. not any extra added crap.

He likes them!

I’ve noticed that I always make a face when I’m feeding him.. like I’m trying to help him eat everything. I probably look silly.. is this normal?!

He’s still napping!Ā  šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Yup. It’s still January.

  1. Feeling the Winter Blues a little too, but it’s still my favorite time of year, well, maybe tied with Fall. But keep Summer away please!

    Mmmm making food for your baby sounds superb and nummy. Wyatt looks ready to impress the ladies at dinner, so sweet:)

    keeping an eye out for the drawing! <..>

  2. Yep! The funny faces you make are normal. I made all of Joey’s food too. He was born in May, so by the time he was ready for solids, all the veggies were ready at the farmers market.

    Then when Micah was born, well, let’s just say, time goes out the window and Gerber baby food didn’t look too bad any more.

    I was just feeling good about the cartoon sheep that I drew for Bethany…then I saw your picture! Mine doesn’t look too good anymore. LOL!

    I need to get over there and see that little man of yours, before he goes to college. šŸ™‚

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