Dolce Progress!

My little Dolce is coming along nicely. Over the past two months, I’ve kept our play sessions short and to the point. After she would come around and start acting like a partner, I’d take the pressure off and end our session. Then she’d either practice tying or join her pasture mates.

I had a lesson with her about a week ago. One thing I focused on was to get her full attention (ears and eyes). She would often do what I asked, but had an “Ok, fine, I’ll do it” attitude rather than the “Yes mam!” With a little fooling around we got there and we had a productive ground session.

Now on to the riding…

Since I hadn’t ridden her in 5 weeks, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. IT WENT GREAT! Almost like a completely different horse actually. She was soft and was working off of my focus, seat and energy. We are still walking and trotting, but she’s calm and responsive. So major progress 😀

Shirley and I also noticed that she’s actually a handy little horse. She had a lot of good turns, flying changes and fluidity during the ground games. Now she just needs to feel more confident and be able to carry a rider the same way. We are going to focus on lots of sideways and backing in the coming sessions.

I’ve decided to create a special page for Dolce to easier track our progress and goals. Look for it above.


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