First Christmas

Christmas is already over, can you believe it?!

We had a great Christmas with plenty of celebrating, food and family time. It all started on Christmas Eve at my sister-in-law’s. Then at my Mom and Dad’s Christmas Day and with Gram and Gramp on Sunday.

Last week was a little tough for me. Along with all the going-ons .. Wyatt had developed a congested chest. He would gurgle and wheeze with every breath. I brought him to the Doctor right away and was sent home with a steroid and also an inhaler. Wyatt was eating and sleeping fine so I wasn’t too worried.. but still.. you think the worse. Now he’s all cleared up and sounds normal. He’ll get rechecked tomorrow.

This is how Wyatt looks all the time now. Hands in the mouth drooling everywhere! We think someone is teething...

Great Grandpa was sure making Wyatt smile!!

It was fun having a baby around this Christmas. He didn’t really know what was going on, but sure liked the wrapping paper and all the attention.

I got a GREAT gift this year.. NEW cross country skis!!!

I started skiing when I was 4 or 5 years old and until I was probably 13. Then I forgot about it until last winter when my mom and dad discovered some groomed ski trails close to their house. This year we went on Christmas Day with our new skis. AND I am also skiing around work during my lunch break. It’s nice to get out and get some fresh air and cardio. I was SO surprised with my new skis, poles and boots! Thanks mom and dad! (they got new ones too!)

Adam also gave me a very beautiful ring for Christmas. We normally don’t exchange gifts, so it was a surprise!

It's an aquamarine next to some sapphires and diamonds. The perks to being married to a jeweler.

I’ve been eating so much food lately it’s not even funny. I feel like a garbage disposal. Of course my Grandma had to send us home with her incredible cookies.

The powdered sugar, almond croissant ones have always been my favorite. Yummm!

It’s back to the gym for me next week. I took a little break over the past month because everything was getting to be too much. But I sure do miss it! The only bummer is that all the new-year-resolution-gym-goers will be excited to start their new fitness routines.. that makes for a really crowded gym. But they will taper off after a month or two.  The Quest for Thinness must resume!

And here are some pictures I took over the weekend. Just for fun!

Grandma and Grandpa's barn. I played in there SO much with all my cousins when we were younger. There are lots of old treasures in there.. and the mysterious Skull Rock. Now it's too dangerous to go into since part of the floor has caved in. We all wonder what storm will finally blow it over.

Chickadees are the cutest and most friendly little birds!

Moonbeam (or Bimmer) is one of my Grandma and Grandpa's dogs. She's a Golden Retriever and very happy about EVERYTHING. 🙂

This is Glory. She's their Yellow Lab. If I could clone a dog, I would clone Glory. She's the best. As you can see she's very old now.. she'll be 16 this spring.



3 thoughts on “First Christmas

  1. What an adorable goober Wyatt is! Love his expression in the lovely family photo! Are his eyes likely to change color or are they going to stay that amazing blue?

    I love cross country skiing, specifically without poles, unless it’s a less groomed trail, it get’s me sweating good and my heart going, I know what you mean about the cardio! Darn this weather though, not good for skiing!

    The barn picture makes me think of the playing we did as kids with our cousins in the barn, may I go back to being a kid please?

    I love that lighthouse bird feeder and how you captured it with the chickadee.
    Beautiful, sweet puppies.

  2. Thanks Amelia!
    Wyatt’s eyes could still change color.. but I have a hunch that they’ll stay blueish. His eye doctor said that eyes can even change color up until 3 years old! But that’s rare.

    Without poles huh? I haven’t really tried that.. don’t you struggle going up hills?

    Now it finally snowed a little.. we need about 3 more inches.. I’m crossing my fingers…

  3. The trail’s I have been on are very flat. I’d definitely grab some poles if the terrain was going to be hilly or unknown.

    Yes, please more snow!

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