Wyatt says hello to everyone!

Not-so-little-anymore Wyatt is doing great!

He continues to grow and develop each day. He’s still an even tempered baby. He consistently sleeps through the night and wakes up well rested and happy. It’s nice to finally get a good nights sleep! He coos and giggles a lot now.. he’s starting to really interact with everyone around him. If you are on FB you may have seen the video Adam posted of him belly laughing! It’s so funny! He really likes his daddy. When Adam is around it’s all fun and giggles. When he hears my voice, he puts his hands in his mouth and thinks of food! I guess that’s how it goes.

Wyatt will be 6 months old on December 14th. How the time has flown by! He’s holding his head up a lot better and is starting to get better at rolling over. He’s almost there. Even though he’s 5 months, he’s really should only be 3 months old. So developmentally for some things he’s ahead and others a little behind.

Here’s a good picture to show just how much he’s grown. That’s the preemie outfit that he came home wearing 4 months ago. If you stretch his legs out.. it comes to his knees now! It’s amazing how much he’s grown. I don’t know his weight right now, but I’d have to guess around 14 pounds and his length is about 24 inches. We have a Doctor checkup in a week or two and we’ll find out the official numbers.

After his 6 month checkup, we should get the green light to start feeding solid food. Starting out slow of course. The Doctor wanted to wait a little while to do this .. for Wyatt to gain strength in his neck and have good head control (and for his gestational age only being 4 months at his 6 month checkup).

Wyatt and Fiona have become quite good friends. She’s very mindful of him and gentle. She also becomes very concerned when he is upset. He enjoys watching her do tricks and and sometimes we’ll catch Fiona trying to snuggle with him. I think they’ll grow up being best friends!

We are enjoying every moment with him. He is still our little miracle baby and we often reflect on the long road behind us. We are really excited for Wyatt to experience his first Christmas!!


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