Bat Baby!!

Wyatt was a bat for Halloween. And he was a cute bat.

This little guy is doing really well. He’s sleeping through the night and is just a happy content baby. The crabbiness in the evening has pretty much gone away and he tends to be active in the evenings now.

We had an appointment yesterday to recheck his eyes. Since he was born early, his eyes were not mature and he required oxygen. When preemies are on oxygen, there’s a chance the oxygen can stunt the growth of the eyes and cause problems. Nowadays, NICUs are sensitive to this and adjust the oxygen .. they like the O2 saturation to stay between 85 and 95. Wyatt’s eyes looked good when he was in the NICU and this appointment revealed that his eyes are normal! 🙂

So that’s a little Wyatt update for you! We’re looking forward to Christmas.. I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the Christmas Tree!


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