Our New “Normal”

What a busy weekend. Since we’ve gotten the oxygen off of Wyatt.. nothing is holding us back! There was a lot going on this weekend. First a visit with Great Grandma and Grandpa.. and also Great-Great Aunt Roni. Then, we brought Wyatt to his first concert. Our good friends hosted an in-home concert at their house. It was really neat and you can read about it here www.storyville.com The artist that was there was named Jonathan Kingham and you should check out his music. Wyatt did amazingly well at the concert. He actually enjoyed it and we didn’t hear a peep out of him for over 3 hours! He was wide awake for most of it.

I never did fill you in on the details of Wyatt’s lung clinic last week. Well, obviously he passed! Everything looked really good. When the nurse hooked him up to the o2 sat monitor, Adam and I were holding our breath. We were waiting for the numbers to drop and for them to say.. “well, he’s doing ok.. but we should leave him on the oxygen for another month.” But that didn’t happen. He ate and did his car seat test with no problems. All of the blood work came back normal and his blood gas looked excellent. When Doctor Brand came in to evaluate the test and blood work, he said everything looked really good and started to rip off Wyatt’s monitor leads. The Nurse then looked at us and gave us a thumbs up behind his back. So Wyatt is completely off of everything. We now have a normal baby. You wouldn’t know the difference if you saw him now.. and we like that! Oh and he’s 11 1/2 pounds now too!

Yesterday we finally took some good pictures of him.


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