Wireless Baby

No more getting tangled and stepping on cords all day long. No more cords getting caught under doors and around stairways. No more hooking up oxygen tanks and monitors just to take a walk in the backyard. No more lugging around a 25 pound backpack in addition to the car seat and diaper bag.  No more leads coming loose in the middle of the night causing us all to wake up because the alarm is going off. No more battery getting low on the monitor causing the alarm to go off. No more stepping on the monitor cord, disconnecting it, and causing the alarm to go off. No more prongs stuck in his mouth because he’s almost ripped his cannula off. No more taping the cannula to his face every few days after he rips it off. No more tape marks and sores on his face. No more wanting to throw the monitor because it keeps going off for stupid reasons. No more trying to look past the cannula to see his real face.  No more oxygen machine humming nonstop throughout the house. No more wondering if the oxygen tank will run out while you take a trip out. No more feeling like you’re trapped at home. No more wondering how much longer this will last because we finally have a wireless baby. 🙂


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