Slipping into Fall

Wyatt had a Doctor’s appointment this morning with very good results. He’s now 10# 6oz and 21 inches long! Just a little away from jumping on the growth chart. By next month he should be on it. 🙂 The Doctor was very pleased with how he is doing and said that his weight, height and head all are very proportionate to one another. His next appointment is the lung clinic on October 6th were he will be assessed again and there’s a possibility he could come off the oxygen. We are really, really ready!!!

Since my last post we have ventured out quite a bit. I’ve gone for walks, to Great Grandma and Grandpas house … and out and about. We are getting accustom to all the things we have to carry around with us and it’s not as overwhelming anymore. Once we are down to a diaper bag, life is going to seem so simple!

We are figuring him out a little more each day. He’s becoming very social and loves to look around .. I’ve even connected with him a few times and have gotten him to smile.. so the “social smiles” are coming. He does have a fussy time each day.. usually in the evening. This became very frustrating for Adam and I since we would like to sit around and relax about that time and don’t want to entertain a fussy baby (especially when you’ve been taking care of him all day long!) So we found something that has really helped us a lot… the swing! It’s a life saver and he just loves to swing. So it’s easy to put him in it when you don’t have your hands free to hold him and goof around with him.

Wyatt has become an expert at taking his cannula off... isn't he a cutie!?!?!

I’ve found it very interesting juggling the baby, work, the house work, the yard work, and time with Adam. I don’t know how I am functioning… oh that’s right.. I have some coffee most mornings. I am trying to get into the swing of things with work, I am doing better than I was. Right now there are several big projects that I’m working on so that’s been a little difficult. But you just gotta do it..

On a different note… today is the first day of fall! I happen to love fall and am pleased that it’s finally here. Everything is so pretty and the leaves are so crunchy and have that special smell. I’ve visited the orchard a few times already for cider, apples and mums. There’s nothing like a fresh apple on a fall day. Another great thing about fall is trail riding and it’s prime season for that. The bugs are mostly gone and its so welcoming. On Sunday is the annual Alaskan Trail ride. This will be our 4th time riding in it and I always enjoy it so much. I know that Charm likes to get out and this year I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of fun. What makes it especially fun is going with an awesome group of people.. you know who you are! 😉 Charm and I have been having a lot of fun lately. I am happy to ride outside and in the woods and I think she is too. I’ve realized she becomes very extroverted and curious on trial rides. She’s always scanning the horizion. This has always annoyed me because I just want a low key ride.. but I think she’s just very curious is all. So I’m going to play with that this Sunday on our ride. On a ride a few weeks back we did quite a bit of cantering ahead of the group and she seemed to like it. We did most of it on a loose rein and she liked to stretch out. It was nice to just ride my horse and enjoy the wind in my face. I was pleased that she was ok leaving the group too. I’ll try to take pictures this weekend.. it’s always so pretty this time of year.

My dad took this picute a month ago and just sent it to me.. just another lazy day at Cedar Trace Farm.


4 thoughts on “Slipping into Fall

  1. ahhh, the “witching hour” is what they call that late evening fussiness. All 3 of my kids did the same thing. Cried for about an hour or so every single night like clock work. It doesn’t last forever and you are right, the swing helped tremendously. Sounds like everything is “normal.

  2. Wow thanks!! I think that is exactly what we are dealing with. But ours seems to be a very mild case since he’s easy to console and it only lasts about an hour. This part was totally him though:

    “You don’t want to over feed them as “Hungry” as they pretend to be. Feed them normally as close to schedule as possible.”

    He does that.. acts completely hungry and then just fusses and cries when you try to feed him. That’s when I would get the most frustrated. I just kept feeding him and he just kept getting more pissed! Then we figured it out..(he likes to bounce or us to stand and carry him) and now after reading this I know we are doing the right thing. Sheesh!

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