New Developments

Well.. we now have an active baby.

Over the past few days Wyatt has consistently stayed awake for longer periods of time. It’s been a little frustrating since I’m back to work now (working from home) and he is NOT happy sitting in his crib upstairs anymore. This would be a simple problem to fix.. “just bring him downstairs with you Heidi.” Well, the oxygen hose doesn’t reach and the portable tanks cost $$ .. ARGH. So I got creative this morning.. and put the oxygen machine on the main floor so the hose will reach. Then I busted out the baby toys from the box and set it up in the Pack n Play.. throw a Boppy in the mix and you have yourself a content baby (finally *exhale*).

This picture would make a good "caption this".. look at that expression!

It’s gotten a lot harder lately and I am not sure why. Maybe this whole ordeal is finally wearing on me.. or I’m just having a hard time keeping up. He’s eating a ton now. He’s averaging 5 ounces per feeding.. sometimes up to 6. AND he’s starting this “crabby while feeding” thing too. Where he will whine and cry halfway through the feeding. I haven’t figured it out yet. IΒ  think it could be gas or reflux although he isn’t spitting up at all.

We had the lung clinic appointment yesterday. Unfortunately Wyatt isn’t ready to come off of the oxygen 😦 we have another appointment on October 6th to try again. I’m not going to lie.. I was really disappointed. It’s been difficult having so many restrictions with the oxygen and monitor. But, I’ve decided.. who cares.. we should just bring him places and suck it up. Otherwise we are going to go crazy. It’s hard carrying everything around by yourself (baby, diaper bag, monitor and oxygen) .. but if you throw it in the bottom of the stroller it’s not so bad. So that’s it.. I need to get out and so does he. He loves to look around and observe his surroundings. There was also good news from the lung clinic. He’s off all the medication now (except for vitamins and iron) so that actually makes things a lot easier. Feedings are more simple and I’ll be able to breast feed more often too. All of his blood work looked really good too… he has improved a lot. Also we have a 9# baby!! He’s fitting into newborn clothes and doesn’t look so tiny anymore. He actually gained 2 pounds in 16 days.. talk about a growth spurt!

So that’s the update. Overall.. we are doing well and hanging in there..


7 thoughts on “New Developments

  1. awwww that first pic! *dies from the cuteness*
    I really don’t think one month is enough time off from work to be with your baby. I mean their only a month old!!!!Not to mention being a first time mom. Thank goodness for working at home! Lol that’s my opinion from zero experience with such things. :p

    He looks super healthy and happy, kick that oxygen soon Wyatt!

    you two look great!

    • A agree.. one month really isn’t enough time. I wish I could have another month off.. but at least I’m able to work from home.

      He is really cute isn’t he??

      • YES HE IS!!!

        I believe in Europe you get 5months off and get paid, or financial help, to have a baby. I think we should adopt that logic!

        In the second pic I just love how he leans his forehead against you, so sweet.

  2. I remember those days! I worked for my parents at their house and once Joey was 3-4 months old, he just wanted constant entertaining, which made it very difficult to get “work” done. I would get frustrated and upset because I felt guilty for not getting work done, and guilty if I didn’t pay attention to him when he was awake.

    How long can you work from home?

    • I plan to work from home a few days a week and also in the office a few days.. kinda half and half. It’s a balancing act though…as you know!

  3. Hi there Heidi, I often see things come across fb from Adam but decided to check out your site. Noticed your lovely blog. So glad to hear things are going well…He is lovely!

    • Thanks Mari! and I’m glad you found the blog πŸ™‚ I tend to post more info here than on FB. I hope you’re able to check back often!

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