Cow Working Video

Here’s video showing what Charm and I did on the 3rd day (first day with the cattle). By the last day, she had gained a lot more confidence and we really had fun 🙂

If it’s not showing up for some reason click here:


5 thoughts on “Cow Working Video

  1. Wow,who did the video taping!? I love how you edited it! My mom was so proud of you! Way to rock it out! I can’t wait to do this too! We need some COWS!!!

    • Yes!! I had the most amazing person video this for me!!

      Your mom is so sweet! It was nice to know you all were supporting me. This could have been a very stressful time since Charm wasn’t confident around the cattle, but I really had fun and didn’t worry about what we were going to “get done”, I was just so happy for the opportunity to learn!

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