So who does he look like??

The cute little baby decided to pull off his oxygen one day.. so we took the opportunity to snap some photos of his little face…

He’s doing really good! He’s about six and half pounds now and his little personality is really shining through. He’s eating really good, sleeping a lot although he’s up some times over an hour after he eats and just looks around. He cries when he’s hungry or wet.. or looses his nuk. Overall we’re doing well! His next Doctors appointment is on Monday and then we will have a lung clinic on Sept 8th. Then we’ll see how close we are to getting rid of the oxygen. We were so close to throwing his monitor out the window this past week. It kept going off over and over because his leads would get unstuck and start to fall off. It was the most annoying thing. Especially when he was sound asleep and I had to disturb him and wake him up!! UGH!! So, I taped them on.. now it hasn’t gone off since 😀 There. I fixed it.


2 thoughts on “So who does he look like??

  1. I see a lot of Adam in Wyatt, but I think he’s going to have your eyes, Heidi. He looks like he’s doing so well, has really put on the weight. xxx

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