Clinic Countdown: I think we’re ready

I haven’t bogged about my horsemanship journey for a while. The Dave Ellis clinic is only one week away and I feel that Charm and I are ready for it. After the clinic last year, I asked Dave if he’d do a cow working clinic. Dave said Charm and I would be ready for cows and if there was enough interest, he’d do one. Then around Christmas, I found out that he was indeed doing a cow working clinic and it was going to be held in August – a week after my due date!! I was bummed, but obviously having a baby was much more important. Then.. my water broke and I was in the hospital and realized that wouldn’t be having a baby in August and there was a chance I could still ride in the clinic.  🙂 Now. I don’t want anyone to think that I wasn’t concerned about the situation I was in.. but this was something positive for me to look forward to. Especially since we didn’t know what would happen with the baby at the time. It has seemed to have fallen together and I am planning on riding in it next week. Adam is even taking off work to stay home with Wyatt.

I am very interested in cow working. Charm is also very interested in cows.. but she’s a little afraid too. My goal for this clinic is for Charm and I to gain confidence around cows and that she’d enjoy it. I think this will bring our partnership and riding to another level. The clinic is 4 days and we’ll actually ride in the cow pastures. I am not quite sure how this will be set up yet, but I’m thinking we’ll have more opportunity to be around the cows than originally planned.

I am a little nervous since these clinics are very demanding physically and mentally and I won’t be getting my normal 8 hours of sleep. But I know it will all be worth it and it will be a lot of fun. I just hope the weather is nice.. no rain, not hot or humid. High 60s low 70s with a cool breeze would be perfect.

I wasn’t expecting Charm to be so easy this summer. After my hospital stay, I expected her to be rude and somewhat sassy. As a matter of fact, the opposite is quite true. She’s amazing. We have been having a blast the past 2 months riding around the fields and just hanging out. It’s like I never left. I am very pleased. Here’s a video of a little liberty from last week…


6 thoughts on “Clinic Countdown: I think we’re ready

  1. That was fun to watch Heidi. I like watching you and Charm. I’m kind of afraid of horses so it’s remarkable to me that she responds to you. There is such a partnership there!

    I think what is even more remarkable it that smokin’ post baby bod I saw! Look at that shoulder muscle definition in your tank top!

    • Charm would help you get over your fear of horses.. she’s totally harmless 🙂 Hopefully we can go to the barn sometime soon.

      Yeah, it’s funny.. I started fitting into my jeans a little better over the past week.. and I couldn’t figure out why. Then, I realized that since Wyatt has been home, I’ve probably been up and down my stairs about 1,000 times… talking about toning the butt and thunder thighs! As for the shoulders I have to give credit to power class. 😉

  2. Hey! You are so ready! She looks great! I am SO READY for this clinic I can hardly think about work! I can’t wait and I am glad I will have some fun people to go with! Yippeee!

    • It’s going to be SO much fun! I’m starting to get nervous.. but the excited nervous. I feel a lot more confident this time around. I’m so glad you’ll be there too.. I might give you my camera so you can snap some pics for me.

  3. ❤ You'll do great no doubt about it! Have a blast girl and give Charm a hug from me she looks really good and so do you!

    • Thanks Amelia! If you can, you should try to audit a day of the clinic.. maybe you’ll get some ideas for you and Rebel with all those cows you have! If you need more info check the Horsin’Around blog.

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