Finally Home

We brought Wyatt home on Wednesday. We headed to the hospital around 9:30am and after waiting for paper work, his medication and his noon feeding, we brought him home.

We are so happy to have him home and in our own house. It’s like this weight has been lifted off of our shoulders. There’s no more driving all over the place each day. The first night went great. He has scheduled feedings every four hours. Adam and I have been taking turns. Each feeding needs certain medication added to the milk. He’s either sleeping or eating.. sometimes he’s awake after feedings but it’s not for long. He came home on oxygen and also a monitor.

Fiona is really great with him. We let her sniff him in the car seat when we arrived and she couldn’t stop wagging her tail. She was very interested, but had a submissive expression. She’s often is in his room when I’m feeding him and just sleeps on the floor. This morning he started to fuss right before his feeding time and she found me and then walked into his room and back to where I was and looked at me as if she was saying “Hey! Do you hear that? He needs you.”

So things are going well. I am not too tired. Yet.

Tonight I am taking all of the feedings because Adam has to work early in the morning. So I’ll probably be tired after that. I’ll be at home all day tomorrow, so I’ll be able to snooze if I need it.

Here's Adam feeding him. Behind on the wall is the oxygen machine and the little black bag is the monitor.

Fiona and her new little brother


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