Live In

Right now Adam and I are at the hospital doing our Live In with Wyatt. We are across the hall from the NICU in a private suite all alone. This is the first time we’ve been alone as a family. The purpose for this time is to feel comfortable with Wyatt before we go home. He has his home monitor and oxygen and is currently sleeping soundly. It’s strange being in a quiet place without alarms ringing, parents visiting and nurses giving their reports.

He no longer has a feeding tube and he took his 3pm feeding like a champ. The Doctor ordered all his blood work be done tomorrow, so we’ll get those results. They are also doing an oxygen study to see what he needs when he goes home. He might be set at 1/8 of a liter or there is a possibility that he may only need oxygen during his feedings. That would be awesome. So that’s the update. We’re just chillin’ watching Back to the Future… Love this movie!


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