Almost Home

Alright… it’s the final countdown.

We just got a call from the Doctor this morning for the daily report.

We thought that there was a possibility that Wyatt could come home today.. but that’s not going to happen. He was still having heart rate and oxygen saturation drops here and there while eating and the nurses thought he needed to stick around a little longer. Which is totally ok with me. I know how to handle the drops, but it’s one thing doing it at home and another when your nurses are right there willing to help if needed.

BUT. As far as I know, he’s taken all of his feedings by bottle over the last day.. so the feeding tube should be out. The Doctor told Adam that he has ordered a car seat test, and ultrasound of his head, kidneys, blood work and a chest x-ray for early next week. Wyatt’s Doctor is out-of-town on Monday and Tuesday and indicated, if all goes well, Wyatt would be discharged Wednesday or Thursday.

This weekend will be spent preparing for his arrival. Cleaning and organizing are our main priorities. Also, we will probably do a “Live In”. Where you stay in the hospital in a special room without the nurses. It will give us a good idea of what it will be like to take care of him alone without actually being alone.

Earlier this week we had CPR training and monitor training since he’ll be coming home on a monitor and most likely oxygen (unless he kicks that in the next few days).

So that’s the latest!! I see a light at the end of the tunnel!


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