We have a *5* pounder!!

Sorry for my absence the past week. I was meaning to update, but ran into a busy work week followed by the normal running around everywhere.


As of today.. Wyatt is 5  pounds 2 oz. Last week he was doing really well and started taking all of his feedings by bottle.. until Circumcision day last Friday. 😦 Poor little guy. Now he’s healed up and back to eating well again. Today he’s 37 weeks old and looking chubby and cute as ever.

He’s still on less of 1/8 liter of oxygen but is doing well considering he’s bottle fed most of his feedings. He’s up to 44ml (almost 1.5oz) every 3 hours.

Over the past week he had an eye exam and also a hearing exam. These are routine checks that the NICU does and everything looks great. Also, the Occupational Therapist checked him over and found that he is normal for his adjusted age. So we have a perfectly normal baby boy! 😀

We’ve given him three baths now and he seems to like the water. He fusses a little when we scrub him with the washcloth but otherwise seems to relax with the warm water around him.

The Doctor is finally talking about the possibility of Wyatt coming home. It could be within a week, but in the end, it’s all up to Wyatt and when he’s ready. Since he’s still on oxygen, it’s likely he’ll come home on oxygen and monitors. We would be trained on how to use all of it. The nurses showed me a little already and it shouldn’t be as bad as I thought it would be.

Your continued prayers are so appreciated! Please pray for his lung tissue to mature and that his lungs would grow stronger so we can kick this oxygen!

As for us.. we are trying to prepare for his arrival home. The carpets are getting cleaned today and I have a little more organizing to do. I will be taking 4 weeks off and another 4 weeks working from home. Adam doesn’t have a lot of vacation, but he’ll be home somewhat to help me. I am back to my weight lifting routine and it feels amazing! I am getting strong again. I also have been walking between rain showers and riding Charm when I have an opportunity to go to the barn. Charm has been wonderful and we’ve been enjoying some trail rides together. I am still contemplating riding in the Dave Ellis clinic at the end of August.. with cow working!!!!! It would be the ultimate “reward” for laying in the hospital all that time. It all depends on how Wyatt does at home and how things go in general. It’s been an interesting summer.. one we’ll never forget!!

I’ll update a lot sooner than last time .. I promise!


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