Eating & Sleeping

This week Wyatt has made a lot of progress. The Doctors decided to give him a different medication for his lungs. It’s longer acting and they give it twice a day. So far, I see that it’s helped a lot. He’s not off the oxygen yet, but his respirations are down and I don’t see his oxygen going low like we did over the weekend. Now it’s mostly high and the nurses have to turn it down. He’s on less than 1/8 of a liter.

He was also moved to the “Big Boy Bed” on Monday. It’s an open bassinet. They do a 12 hour test to see if heΒ  will be able to maintain his body temp. He passed! Now it’s SO much easier to hold him and change his diaper.

Also, with his breathing and oxygen levels better, he’s been taking the bottle at every feeding. Whatever he doesn’t finish is tube fed. Right now he’s eating 36ml. Last night he took 30ml for me at 4pm and the whole bottle for the nurse at his 7pm feeding. The goal will be for him to take all his meals completely by bottle.

Wyatt at 35 weeks. Full belly and ready to sleep!

Things are progressing! Tonight Adam and I will learn how to bathe him. That should be fun.

We still don’t have an idea of when he’ll be coming home. But things are going well, and I know it won’t be long. Please continue to pray for his lungs to grow stronger so he can come completely off the oxygen. Also, that he will continue to eat from the bottle successfully.

Sweet Dreams! ❀


2 thoughts on “Eating & Sleeping

  1. So glad to hear things are going so so well! He is growing so much, I can really see a difference in every picture you post! Sending many prayers your way! I am no longer on facebook but you can always email me!
    Jessica St. Louis

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