Happy Friday

Here’s a little update…

• He’s 4# 4oz
• Off the IV
• Up to the maximum feedings and doing well (32ml … just over 1 oz)
• He’s getting chubby cheeks

Everything is still going well. His lungs look a little better on the x ray, but they still have him on a very small amount of oxygen (he’s at 22% .. we breathe 21%.. ohh sooo close). His respirations seem lower.. and that’s good because then they can bottle feed more often.

I am trying to breast feed here and there. Yesterday, during our kangaroo session I tried and he got the hang of it. But it didn’t last long because I wasn’t holding him the best and he got mad. I hope to try again today while his is swaddled in a blanket .. it will make things easier and won’t allow his arms and legs to flail about.

Now I will leave you with these new adorable pictures..


4 thoughts on “Happy Friday

    • Yeah, he didn’t like how I was holding him. I have to be very careful that I hold him in a way where his airway won’t be closed.. so his head needs to be back a little. It’s a balancing act when he’s not swaddled.

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