Growing, Growing, Growing

Another week has gone by and things are progressing nicely.

He’s still on the nasal cannula using a very small amount of oxygen. His respirations are better, but the Doctor mentioned that she may decide to give him another dose of medicine for his lungs. So we’ll see. Nothing has changed drastically. He’s gaining weight now and seems to be filling out nicely.. he weighed in at 4 pounds 1 oz today!

Wyatt is almost up to his maximum feedings for his weight which will allow him to come off of the IV. Once he’s off the IV, the nurses will start dressing him in clothing. He’s closer to maintaining his own body temp.. Soon he’ll graduate to the bassinet and it will be a lot easier to change his diaper and visit with him. He’s been bottle fed a couple of times. I talked to the nurse who fed him and she said he did a great job. She mentioned that for the first two minutes he didn’t do anything. Then he got the idea and drank 14ml in ten minutes! Most premies when learning this have trouble coordinating the suck, swallow, breathe routine. The nurse said for his first time be had no trouble and was very organized… Uh oh!! Is little Wyatt going to take after his daddy? (put mildly, Adam likes to be organized).

Wyatt is very active these days. Although he sleeps a lot of the time, we seem to catch him when he’s wide awake. He makes a lot of faces and of course smiles too. He’s taking the nuk a little more often… he likes it the most when he’s fussing.. it’s a great plug πŸ˜‰ He doesn’t fuss that often and is easily consoled.

We still kangaroo with him once a day and now that he’s bigger and doing well, we’re able to hold him too. Little by little.. slow and right. πŸ™‚

I was able to see Charm a lot over the 4th of July weekend. She’s so nice.. just like I never left. Fiona is doing well too.. we have a new dog park close by our house and she’s visited it a few times. It’s a nice place for her to sniff around and socialize. My gardens are doing well. The veggie garden is really nice. I have been eating beans and there are already some small zucchini starting. Between work, home and the hospital, we are keeping really busy!

Please continue to pray for Wyatt. That he is content and happy. That his feedings will continue to go well and also that his lungs will grow stronger.


3 thoughts on “Growing, Growing, Growing

  1. I love the top picture of Wyatt! His little arms look so cute and chubby! I love reading along and knowing that he’s doing so well!

  2. What a little cutie. I enjoy reading your updates when posted. I am so happy to hear he is doing well and growing. Take care and we will continue to keep Wyatt in our prayers.

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