A great week!

Our little Wyatt continues to have a great week! He’s tolerating his feedings this time around. They started him really slow and as of last night, they were up to 5ml every 3 hours. The Doctor mentioned that they will start to increase faster now that they know he’s doing well.

Wyatt shows us signs that he’s getting better everyday. He seems really content and happy. When he fusses, he’s easy to console. Usually, you just hold his head and legs, or give him the nuk to suck on. He enjoys our physical touch and makes delightful faces when he’s awake.

Yesterday the Doctor ordered that his vitals only need to be taken every 6 hours (was every 3) and also that they didn’t need to take his labs yesterday. These are little changes that mean a lot.. it means he is getting stronger! He had a good weight gain last night. He was 3# 10oz at birth and since he’s bounced around between 3# 3oz and 3# 8oz… last night he finally broke free and was 3# 11oz.

Also he hasn’t had as many spells (when the heart rate and breathing drop). Premies have a hard time focusing on more than one thing at a time. Because of this they sometimes forget to breathe. In some cases they need to be stimulated in order to remember to breathe. In Wyatt’s case, he bounces back on his own and doesn’t need to be stimulated. These spells are common for a premie at his age. They will go away by the time is he is term.. or sooner.

So there’s a little update. Things to pray for: That he will continue to tolerate his feedings and he’ll come off the IV. He will start or maintain his own body temperature. When they start to bottle feed, the Suck, Swallow, Breathe pattern will come naturally to him. He will be able to rest and grow big and strong!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! We plan to keep things low key .. enjoy the weather and stick around town. I’m planning to get out to the barn too πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “A great week!

  1. Glad to know Wyatt’s doing so well. Loved the latest photos – He’s starting to show a little personality… soo sweet!

  2. Hey Heidi-so glad to hear Wyatt is doing so well!! I will continue to pray for him. He gets cuter in every picture! Also glad to hear you were able to spend some time with Charm. Keep hanging in there he will be home before you know it!! Toni

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