Back on Track

The past week has been a little tough. We had a couple of set backs .. but everything is cleared up now. Last week (I can’t remember which day) Wyatt’s white blood cell count was sightly elevated. At the same time he was getting some strange green stuff sucked out from his stomach before feedings (he’s fed through a tube right now.. before they feed, they suck out the stomach from the tube to see if there is any undigested food in there. Sometimes it’s empty, sometimes there’s a little milk left and in this case it looked yucky). So, because of my ruptured membrane they are hyper sensitive about a lurking infection. So he was put on antibiotics and his feedings were stopped (although he’s still getting calories and fat through an IV). They took x-rays of his bowels to see if there was anything suspicious. They saw what they thought were air bubbles and decided they would wait for the bubbles to disappear and give his bowels a rest before they started to feed again. Also, they took another spinal to and urine to check for infection. After waiting for a few days … ALL the tests came back negative. So there’s NO infection. They think the white blood cell count was elevated because of stress.. possibly because of the bowel thing. So, we’ve been waiting a whole week for him to start eating again. It feels like you take one step forward and two steps back. AHH!! I had a hard week last week.. I am emotional and every little thing rocks me. But the past several days have been good days. The Nurses and Doctors all think he’s doing great.. and that these things are normal for a Premie his age. It’s just hard when you’re the parent and you don’t really know what is going on or what’s normal and expected.

This morning they took another x-ray and everything still looks good so they started his feedings again. He’s getting 1ml three times a day to start. They will take x-rays for the next day or two to make sure the bowels still look good and everything is moving through. Also, he was put on a nasal cannula for a very small amount of oxygen. He hardly needs it, but since his lungs are still young, he works harder to breathe and doesn’t take deep breaths. An x-ray was also taken of his lungs this morning and the Doctor decided that he would give Wyatt some medication to make him pee more. He’s hoping this medication will also clear up some of the fluid around the lungs and that will help his breathing. This “fluid” around his lungs is something typical for a baby his age. The Doctor wants to get him past it so he can go off of the oxygen totally since he’s on so little.

He’s 33 weeks old today and for the past few days he’s been really active and content. Especially considering what they do to him! A Nurse yesterday said he’s a good-natured little boy and he seems really easygoing. 🙂 I like that.

He makes a lot of faces when he’s awake. He even smiles. I know it’s not like how a 6 month old baby would smile. But Adam read that newborns and premies will “smile” when they are content and happy… not as a result of someone causing them to smile.

Here are some pictures taken on Saturday morning during our Kangaroo session. He likes his mama!!


8 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. HI Heidi,
    Just read your latest post on your blog. Hang in there! If there is one thing that is “normal” it’s the “one step forward, two steps back”! But pretty soon ALL the steps will be forward. Those are precious pictures!! I am looking forward to meeting him one day!

  2. Yeah he likes his momma, look at that expression on his face! 🙂 ❤
    Glad to hear things are smoothing out. And I also can't wait to meet him one day!

  3. He looks drunk on Momma’s love! It was so great to see you at Steph’s wedding. You and Adam sure have a beautiful boy!

  4. He is so cute Heidi. He really loves his mama, the look he had is adorable. Still sending prayers your way for you and your beautiful family. Lisa M

  5. Thanks for all the prayers! We love it when he’s awake. He’s very alert, content and curious. He also has really big glassy eyes 🙂 And the little smiles make us feel wonderful.

  6. Hey Heidi-Hang in there. Sounds like it has been a little tough. My cousin had a premie also-their baby just turned a year and it was rough at first, but she is doing great now! Wyatt will too-it just takes a little time and patience. He is such a cutie-what a terrific smile!!! I will continue to pray for you all!!

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