Spoiled Rotten

My nurses are so cool. They often ask me if I need anything.. and most of the time all I need is fresh ice water or nothing at all. I really have everything I need. So this evening, one nurse asked me that popular question and I asked her what my options were? She replied.. how about an Oreo Blizzard? I said sure!.. but how are you going to get one? She just smiled and said she’d be right back. She returned with a home made ice cream treat. She took ice cream and Oreos and made it for me! It was just as good as Dairy Queen 🙂 It was delicious and I am on a sugar buzz right now.


4 thoughts on “Spoiled Rotten

  1. My 2nd biggest concern for you has now been put to rest. I’m so glad you and Wyatt are doing well.

    Miss you in the ‘hood,

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