I passed! 6 weeks… Wowzers!

I had my three hour glucose test yesterday. It started it 5am. I had to drink the glucose sugar drink and had my blood drawn four different times. The good news is that I passed!! I am very pleased to not have diabetes.

Other than that, nothing is really new. Today marks 6 weeks in the hospital. I know I’m going to look back at this adventure and wonder how the heck I did it. But when it comes down to the safety and wellness of your child, you just do it. I’ve already learned that and haven’t even met him yet.

I ventured outside yesterday for the first time other than going to an ultrasound appointment. My family was here and we sat on the patio in the sun. I have up to 1 hour each day that I can go out. I was hesitant to go out until I reached the 28 week mark and also because I thought it would make me upset. After I returned to my bed, I found that I was more focused on my workΒ  than I have been. So it actually helped. I’ll look forward to doing that again soon… gotta work on my tan ya know πŸ˜‰

Adam started decorating Wyatt’s room a few weeks ago. He painted and put the crib and changing table together. Here’s a sneak peek…

The wall color is taupe and the bedding has nice blue, green and brown colors. I’m not a “baby blue” person and wanted a neutral wall color and then a couple brighter colors to pop! I have some special plans for the walls.. and also would like a small area rug. I’m finding some really cool things on Etsy.com. I hope to finish decorating the room when I get home.


4 thoughts on “I passed! 6 weeks… Wowzers!

    • It was really nice to be outside!! I’ll have to get out there this weekend… the weather is going to be fantastic.

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