We made it!

We’re officially past the 28 week mark! The first big goal is now accomplished. Now each day is precious as he develops at a rapid rate. Pack on those pounds and grow, grow, grow!! Tomorrow marks the half way point to the 34 week goal. 80 days total.. it’s crazy to think about.

I am still hanging in there. It’s getting a little harder now since the weather has been so nice (but wayy too hot lately) and there’s family in town. But last night my friend Ellen put together a surprise 28 week party and my room was full of laughter and fun for the evening. Thankfully , the days continue to fly by and before I know it a week has gone by and it’s Friday again.

I asked one of my original Labor and Delivery Nurses (they still visit me 🙂 ) to honestly tell me if anyone expected me to make it through the first weekend I was here. She said No and that in most cases the baby would have been born.. and the outcome would have been bad. It’s kinda cool, because the nurses tell me that when they call to check in, they often ask if I’m still here. It’s a good feeling to know that I’m defying the odds.. and everyone is excited and rooting for us! Honestly, I didn’t have a  thought that I wouldn’t make it this far. I was certain and determined.. and well, we’re here!!

So there’s nothing really new to report. The status is staying the same. I’m sill leaking, no contractions, no pain. The baby moves a lot and his NSTs have been reactive each day. Amazingly I’m not sore yet either. It will be interesting to see how much strength I’ve lost after this is over. Oh! The glucose test I was to take over the weekend got postponed and the three day diet was started on Monday. So I take the 3 hour test early on Thursday morning. I’ll be sure to report my results.


6 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Oh Heidi, I am so proud of you and so grateful to the staff at the hospital, your friends, and your family. I like the idea of rolling your bed out on the patio when the weather is pleasant. Any nice views? Fox river?

    • Thanks Sally!
      The weather is going to be really nice this weekend.. 70s and less humid. I will try to make it out. As for a view, my room faces west, so I can see the weather come in. I have a flag to look at and I can see how windy it is. Otherwise, it’s all trees. I often see White Pelicans and occasionally a Bald Eagle soaring.

    • It was so nice to see you yesterday. You are an amazing woman. I hope my visit wasn’t too long. Seeing you brought back some great memories of watching you grow up in our neighborhood. I will continue to remember you and the baby in my prayers.


      • It was wonderful to see you Linda! Please stop by anytime.. and thank you for the garden stone. Adam already put it in our garden.

  2. Fantastic news! How nice to have a little surprise party; I’d say the big 28 week mark deserves a celebration!

    I can’t wait to get home and meet the newest Funk!

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