27 Weeks & Second Ultrasound

I honestly have to say, I didn’t sleep the best last night. Some of if could have been due to the large dinner I ate.. and the rest was probably nerves.

I was able to leave my  room for the 3rd time since April 16th to get my second ultrasound. My first was on April 23rd. You can read about it here. Adam was off today and we were able to go together. Here is a list of everything they said:

• He’s 1# 14oz
• Good blood flow through the cord, heart and brain
• Some fluid around, not a lot, but not any less than last time
• His bladder was full and some fluid in his stomach
• They could see fetal breathing
• His heart is NOT enlarged

Overall, the ultrasound showed all really good things. There was a positive tone this time, which is refreshing. The baby is growing, he’s making fluid, he’s not stressed.. all the things we’ve been praying for. The Doctor was pleased and told me to keep on going and she would like another ultrasound in 3 weeks.. and that will be at 30 weeks already! Time is flying.

So please continue to pray that this kid will pack on some weight and stay comfortable. He’s moving a TON, so I know he’s active in there. Also, continue to pray for his lung development, NO infection and that everything would continue to develop normally and correctly.

I am 27 weeks today, so in one week we’ll reach a our first big goal and I’ll finally start the third trimester.


6 thoughts on “27 Weeks & Second Ultrasound

  1. Heidi,
    Your mom just called me this evening. I wasn’t aware of what was happening. We will try to get up to see you if you would like company. Know that you are in our prayers. I know you are a tough one from the past and know you will win in the end. Brian had a challenge when his two little ones were born and they are both really tough. It must of been all that energy you kids brought in the neighborhood. Know we are thinking and praying for you and your family.
    Linda Serrahn

    • Hi Linda!
      Thanks for the prayers.. they’re obviously working! That’s too funny that Kari had the baby while I was just a few rooms away. I hope that her and the baby are doing well. I would love company, anytime is good for me. I didn’t know that Brian’s kids had a challenging time, you’ll have to tell me about it. Yeah, we are tough aren’t we? 😉 It was all that football and bike riding.. we were so active and healthy. Say hello to everyone for me!


  2. Heidi,
    Psa 18:30 As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.

    love, your muma

  3. Hey! Is Charm out trail riding on her own??? Cute pic! Notice Cooper causing trouble in the back…typical man!!! Missing you tons out at the barn. Otherwise, school is coming to an end and the drama with my dad has made things a bit hectic around here. I hope to get up there this weekend to visit you. I hate that I haven’t gotten there more. I am SOOO thankful that things are going well for you and Adam and Wyatt! WIsh Adam well for me! Stay healthy and see you SOON!!!


    • Thanks Jackie! I miss all of you at the barn too.. especially on these nice days. But there will be plenty more the rest of the summer.

      I hope I’m able to see you soon, but don’t worry about not visiting! I’m doing great 🙂

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