Making Progress

Another week has zipped by! We are at 25 weeks today πŸ˜€ Today is day 17 in the hospital.

I moved to a new room today.. so if you’ve visited me or are planning to visit, just ask at theΒ  postpartum desk and they’ll tell you where my new room is. This room is nice, I’m settled in. It’s smaller, but has big windows, a TV with a DVD player and also plenty of seating. Things are slowly getting better.. I only get my blood drawn twice a week. I also get hooked up to a machine once a day for 20 minutes that reads the baby’s heart rate. It’s a non-stress test for the baby. They want to see his heart rate accelerate when he moves and then go back down when he’s not moving. I also have to press a button anytime I feel him move.. it’s kinda fun! On Sunday he had the hiccups! My Doctor says he looks great. As I get further they’ll test more often and for longer periods of time. Once more cool thing.. I am allowed to go on short wheel chair rides now. So I’ll be able to get out of my room more often. It will be nice to get outside on one of these warm sunny days.

Status: Much of the same. Some leaking, no pain, no contractions, no fever. It’s all good!

My goal date is June 21st (32 weeks). So that’s 66 days from my arrival.. now we have 49 to go!

Please keep the prayers coming πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Making Progress

    • Thank you!

      I got your message Sunday morning but I’m sure you had left your house already. Visit anytime, I’m always up for visitors πŸ™‚ See ya soon!

  1. No racing with old people in wheel chairs. I hope you can go out for long stretches. Keep healthy and busy.

    • It will be tempting to race some old people.. but I must resist! One of these nice days I’ll get out there πŸ˜‰

  2. Getting a new (smaller) room is a good sign! Hope you are comfortable and have the same nursing staff.


  3. Hi Heidi,

    25 Weeks. Woohoo! That is AWESOME news. So happy Wyatt is moving around and hiccuping.

    I’m so glad there is no pre-term labor. Did they say what made your water break? The doctors didn’t know why I couldn’t carry full-term either. I delivered both girls at 33 weeks and couple days, but was in pre-term labor for a month prior on bedrest. Danielle stayed in the hospital 10 days and Lauren 17.

    Anyhoo… we’ll come visit you soon.. Just want to make sure there isn’t any lingering illness.
    Take care. You’re in our prayers.

    • Hey Jen,
      I didn’t know that you delivered early with the girls. That’s so interesting. My ultimate goal would be to get to 32 weeks and I will go longer if my Doctor says it’s ok. No one knows why anyone’s water breaks so early. It’s a mystery. They just keep telling me it’s nothing that I did. The specialist said she’d give me a 30% chance of it happening with another pregnancy… and they’d consider me high risk with another pregnancy.

      I’d love to see you guys soon, I plan to be here for a while, so there’s still time πŸ™‚


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