Here we are!

Fiona was able to come up for another visit last night. We had a nice time.. she loves it up here. She’ll lay by me for a little while, then she’s off investigating the room and hoping she’ll be able to sneak out and see the whole hospital. Seeing her once or twice a week would be great.

So far there are no changes with me or the baby. We’re still hanging in there, and the days seem to fly by now. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow already.. and May 1st on Saturday. I’ve been working a lot. I put in over 8 hours on my computer yesterday.. my back started to get kinked, so I’ll have to take more brakes to avoid that.

Status Update: Staying the same.. Baby is moving a lot, minimal leaking, no bleeding. I am comfortable and sleeping really well at night.

So that’s all I’ve got for now! Just keeping busy with work and visitors… not a bad deal!


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