24 Weeks : )

Today is 24 weeks and day 11 here at the hospital. Nothing has changed, which is what we want. I had a good weekend and lots of visitors. Things overall are going really well. I’m still feeling good, the baby is kicking up a storm in my belly, I can feel it on the outside of my stomach now. He’s a feisty one!

I was weighed this morning and I’ve lost 3 pounds, which is normal when on bed rest. My nurse mentioned you usually lose a little weight and/or maintain your weight. It’s strange, because I feel like I’m just laying here and eating.. training to be a sumo!

When I arrived at the hospital, my Doctor mentioned that she was going to test my blood for a Vitamin D deficiency. You get vitamin D from the sun and also food.. but those who live Up North usually have nowhere near the correct amount in their bodies. Having the correct amount, helps the immune system which is a big deal in my situation.Β  She said out of all her patients, 95% of them need to supplement… she’s only had 3 that had a good amount and didn’t need it. Well, well, well, I won an award!! She said I tested at a 98 and had the highest she’s ever seen! She was very pleased. I researched it and found that all the salmon and fish I eat has very high doses of Vitamin D. I’m guessing that’s where the majority comes from. Pretty cool huh! I’m pleased to know that I am healthy and it will only make this experience easier on the baby.

Here’s a status update: No sign of infection, baby is moving and strong, bleeding has stopped, and there’s minimal leaking.Β  Please continue to pray that infection would stay far away and the fluid would be replenished. Also, that the baby’s lungs would become strong and that he’d grow quickly!


4 thoughts on “24 Weeks : )

  1. Sounds like someone really wants out and is very lively! πŸ˜€

    Everything sounds like it’s going super well! Looks like you’ll be able to stay in your target weight for the pregnancy if that’s anything to cheer about. It’s just really neat and amazing how everthing is being blessed and taken care of!

    Prayers are gonna keep coming from my direction!

    Have you seen Avatar? I want to say you have but I don’t remember if we talked about it…anyway it’s a rally great long movie to spend an evening relaxing with.

    • I’m really not sure if I’ll gain much more weight…I’ll have to read up on bed rest. It’s crazy.

      I’ve seen Avatar.. good movie! I haven’t watched a movie yet, I’m sure I’ll get in the mood one of these nights. I have a few up here and Adam needs to give me the NetFlix code so I can download online.

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