First Ultrasound

Well, it’s day 9 already. I’m trying to keep a routine here so I can be productive with my work. During the week, I try to focus on my computer work throughout the day. I often get visitors, and nurses checking on me, so sometimes it doesn’t work so well. I also try to have the TV off during the day. I am grateful for the company, though! So please stop by to visit if you’re able. Now that’s it’s the weekend, I’m treating the day as a relaxing day.. I’ll probably read, watch a movie, maybe even draw. One big thing that might happen today… Fiona is coming for a visit! I haven’t seen my doggie for over a week.. and I really miss her. I hope she can visit me often, it will be a great socializing opportunity for her.

I had my first ultrasound yesterday afternoon. They wheeled me over the another clinic and I actually got to leave my room for the first time in a week. It’s strange to think I’ve been in one place for so long. I normally have a hard time sitting still. The weather was nice enough, that I got to go outside for the trip over. It was nice to get out and breathe fresh air. At the appointment, they looked around and measured all kinds of stuff. They couldn’t really tell us much.. I’m not sure how accurate the equipment is since there is not as much fluid left. Normally when you have an ultrasound, you’re suppose to arrive with a full bladder and everything for the most accurate reading. So here’s what we learned..Β  He is on the smaller side right now (Adam and I were both smaller babies, so I’m not sure if that’s a real big deal). His estimated weight is 1.2 pounds. They said his heart looked a little enlarged. The Doctor mentioned that might be from that fact he’s having to work harder right now. He has good blood flow to his brain and through the umbilical cord. He had a full bladder, so that means he’s peeing (replenishing the amniotic fluid), but didn’t have a lot of fluid in his stomach. So he’s not swallowing a lot.. which makes sense, because there is not a lot around to swallow. They did see some fluid around, so it’s not all gone.. but he’s not swimming in it. She mentioned that if I am feeling him move a lot, that’s a great sign. I told her he moves all the time, and she was pleased to hear it. They scheduled another ultrasound in 3 weeks. So I just have to sit tight and cook the baby. I asked the Doctor what my chances were of this happening again, and she said she would guess around 30%. She kept reassuring me that I had done nothing to cause this to happen. As a precaution, they’d consider me a higher risk with another pregnancy.

I left the appointment with mixed emotions. Another dose of reality I guess. They are never optimistic in those situations. They hand you cold, raw facts and make sure you understand what could happen. It’s sobering.

So, I’m feeling a little bit of that today.. it doesn’t help it’s raining and gray out. Otherwise I feel normal.. no sign of infection.. the nurses are always pleased when they exam me every 8 hours. The bleeding has totally stopped now and I’m leaking minimally.

If the rest of the weeks go by as fast as this one did, I’ll be pleased. Please keep praying for the situation. No infection.. baby stays strong and keeps growing… fluid to be replenished and that I will not go into labor. Thanks everyone.. Adam and I appreciate all the support and prayers!!


2 thoughts on “First Ultrasound

  1. Heidi, God is in complete control and He is holding you and the baby in the palm of His hand. He is the one who gives you encouragement and endurance, not discouragement. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

    God is the strength of your heart…and your baby’s too. If God can create everything that lives and moves and has its being, then creating a little more amniotic fluid is easy. After all, He’s the one who has knit baby Wyatt together in your womb. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

    I’m praying for all of you.

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