I’m Still Here!

So far so good! The prayers are working, thank you so much to everyone.

Today is day 5 and surprisingly the days have been going by fast and I’m no where near pulling my hair out. I have my computer here, so I’m able to work, feel productive and connected. I’ve had lots of visitors and my room is full of beautiful flowers, cards, magazines, snacks, books .. a Nintendo Ds.. the list goes on! The nurses are overwhelmed by the size of my 27″ Mac computer that has taken over my bedside.

I’m feeling good, not too sore from laying in bed.. and not bored. So far there is no sign of infection. I get blood drawn every morning to test my white blood cell count and it’s been in the normal range. I have no pain in my abdomen and I feel normal. I can feel the baby move throughout the day and get to hear his heart beat often.. it’s hanging around the 150s which is normal. He likes to punch and kick when they try to listen, I think he feels his roof is caving in! He must be somewhat feisty, which I’m grateful for.. since he needs to be strong with me through this. I’m drinking a lot of water, between 60 and 80 oz per day. Since I’m off the IV drip, I want to make sure I’m hydrated and hopefully be providing enough fluid for the baby to pee and replenish the amniotic fluid.

I got to see my two Doctors this morning and had a quick ultra sound done. Everything looked good. There was some pockets of fluid here and there and the Dr seemed pleased. I will have an extensive ultra sound on Friday with the specialist. I have great Doctors and Nurses taking care of me. I’m really enjoying the opportunity to know them.

I’ve found in situations like this attitude is key. I am feeling positive and happy and have a real peace about the whole situation. I don’t feel stressed or anxious which I know is a great help to the baby.

People have asked me if anyone is taking care of Charm?

Well my good friends Sofie and Grace stopped out by her yesterday to groom and exercise her for me. They even sent pictures and a video!

I haven’t jumped Charm like that for a long time! She got a good workout šŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “I’m Still Here!

  1. Heidi, thanks for the update and great report. So glad you and the baby are continuing to do well. Your updates remind us to keep praying, so keep sending them, and thanks for letting us know exactly how we should pray. That is so helpful.

    How is Adam doing through all of this? The husband/father tends to get neglected during times like these. What about Fionna too?

    • I hope to post an update every couple days.. or when I learn something new. So you’ll be hearing from me. šŸ™‚

      Adam is doing better, he’s took it really hard at first (over the weekend) but has been keeping himself busy with errands, chores and taking care of Fiona. He said Fiona was looking for me at night, and when he put me on speaker phone yesterday, she looked at the phone and started wagging her tail. I hope to have her up for a visit soon. Adam gets lonely, but I’m glad he has Fiona to keep him company. He’s been spending the evenings up here watching TV and reading. So, just like home!

  2. Hey! If you need me to do anything with Charm, let me know. I am planning on visiting, but you are all three in my prayers. Let me know if you need or want anything!!! Hang in there!


    • Thanks Jackie! Feel free to give Charm some attention when you have time. Turn her loose in the arena, ride her.. whatever! I’m sure she’s fine regardless. I have a fear I’ll come home to a FAT horse once they all go on pasture!

      I’d love to see you!

    • I’m feeling good today! Another good night of sleep and everything is stable. šŸ˜‰ Almost one week in already.. it really flew by too!

  3. Glad to hear you are better and the baby is doing real good. Glad Adam is doing better also. More prayers comming your way, take care and keep us up to date.
    Lisa M

  4. Wonderful news! *Gives you a big hug*

    Wow that’s alot of water! I stopped by to play with Rebel yesterday and saw Charm. She looked very good and kept chasing Rebel away from me, but it worked out to be a very successful catch me game. She’s such a pretty girl your Charm!

    Keeping you in our prayers!

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